Orta Botanico di Brera

Turin is an important business city and a great cultural centre located in the northern part of Italy. The rich history is represented by art galleries, churches, operas and squares of ancient and modern culture. Turin is a European political centre where the Italy’s royal family, the house of survey! Prestigious museums and various monuments are the top destinations within the city of Turin. The stylish squares and palaces in the city are more attractive and invite tourists to admire them at the most. Chocolate and sports cars are a major pride in this city with more significance. The fascinating collections of Egyptian artefacts can be found at the Egizio museum. Valentine park and botanical garden would be the best entertaining place for you to enjoy the nature! These are the 18th-century creations made to admire tourists. Local wines and coffee are the best to have and taste during your stay in Turin. Trattoria can be the great place to taste some of your yummy kinds of pasta! The city Turin also serves as the first capital of Italy. Contemporary art, architecture and design scene blossom in the city with more expectations of tourists. There are endless discoveries that can be made, from learning about Italy’s first capital to the Alps of the Olympics and then from the hills of Canavese to the summits of Gran Paradiso. Turin is an important hub of technology and industry. Turin is not a typical Italian city, with those pleasant red and colourful yellow buildings, but is a bit more French type, so it is also called the little Paris. Wide boulevards with gorgeous white buildings make the city center more similar to Paris. The city is home to the famous envelope of Turin. More recently, it has become the home of the Slow Food Movement.

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