Torre Branca


Torre Branca is a famous tower located in a city of Milan. The gorgeous tower was built quickly within two and half months. Torre Branca is designed by Gio Ponti in 1933 and is called the Branca Tower in English. The tower is considered to be a true work of perfect art, where modern architecture and new techniques find those common grounds.

Places around Torre Branca

The tower branca is present behind the triennial art museum. You can reach the top of the tower by elevator that is 97 meter. You could view all other tourist places near the tower. The Castello with Torre del Filarete and golden madonnina on top of the duomo can also be admired from the top of tower Branca. A real architectural challenge built with stylish and transparency.

Significance of Milan

Milan has become the only European city that hosted a three-year period of International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts and modern architecture. Torre Branca is the highest tower in Milan compared to Pirelli tower and a little higher than the topmost duomo itself. The tower is found in the Parco Sempione of Milan city. It has been reopened after a complete reconstruction under the leadership of the company Branca who is the producer of the famous “bitter” Fernet Branca. A large six arches were designed for the exhibition temporarily by the familiar artist ironi.

History of Torre Branca

Observation room is present to enjoy and admire the fantastic view of the entire city of Milan! The tower is 10.68 meters high. The architect Gio Ponti has created the tower with a contemporary work of art, in which “find are associated modern architecture and new technology. It was renamed as Torre del Parco that is as park tower after the second world war. The sixth highest structure in Milan is this Torre Branca. The stunning view from the top attracts every tourist to reach the top and enjoy the adventure!


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