Orta Botanico di Brera

Pisa is a very popular city in Italy located in Tuscany. The unique and beautiful leaning tower of Pisa is located in this city which is one of the most adventurous wonders of the world. It is the bell tower of the city Pisa’s cathedral. There are almost 20 churches and medieval places in and around the city. The white marble cylindrical building is made in Romanesque style. Piazza Dei Miracoli is the famous architecture that can found very near to this leaning tower of Pisa. Fulfills the expectations of all tourists with its wonderful structure that make everybody fascinate with its look! During the construction of the tower. It began to sink in the ground then the work was stopped, but it remained for 90 years which was finally crowned with belfry during the half of 14th century. The top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa can be reached by climbing 294 steps which rise in the form of a spiral on the inner side of the tower walls. Therefore, the assumption of those who desire to imagine that great tower was built inclined is entire without foundation. Pisa was the birthplace of the important early physicist Galileo Galilei. It is still the place of an archbishopric. More than its educational institutions, it has become a light industrial center and a railway hub. It suffered repeated destruction during World War II. It is the work of art and architecture in the city’s Piazza del Duomo is also known since the 20th century, as Piazza Dei Miracoli called the Square of Miracles, to the north of the old town center. Pisa is a well-proportioned city designed with a well-planned outcome in Italy. A vibrant cafe and bar scene, balancing a desirable portfolio of well-maintained Romanesque buildings. Gothic churches and Renaissance piazzas with a lively street life dominated by locals rather than tourists. A charming place to where you will definitely not discover if you restrict your visit to Piazza Dei Miracoli. You can visit the National Museum of San Matteo and the Camposanto cemetery. Pisa is divided into four historical quarters. There is much more than the Leaning Tower of the city and several different walking itineraries are available. Italians really love to sing. You can find many talented local singers at the Millie Bar. The fun energetic relaxation is located in city center not far from Piazza Garibaldi. Every Tuesday night would be a Karaoke Night. One of the interesting thing to know is Italians have a deep passion for singing.

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