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Naples is a large city located in the south region of Italy. A famous mountain called Vesuvius and at the bay of Naples this town can be found. Great art and architectural importance can be seen in the tourist destinations of Naples. It is a volcanic city which is the third largest in Italy. Naples is the most ancient, artistic and delicious place to spend your vacation and have a great foodie stay. The best UNESCO World heritage site in Naples is the Centro Storico which is a historic centre that displays you with the archaeological treasures. They are really impressive and the beautiful churches make Rome such a positive province with more attractions. Thin crust pizza is renowned in Naples city. The town is filled with rich volcanic soils and abundant sea. The best pizza, pasta and coffee can be had at Naples restaurants and cafes. Fresh sea foods, snacks and sweet can be best delivered at your convenience with perfect quality. Greatly a stylish city with unexpected sculptures, profound humanity and natural conversations. Naples is the capital of the region Campania in Italy. A romantic place with beautiful opera houses and theatres for ultimate entertainment. Open air museum is one of the most admired tourist spot within the city for its historic statues and ancient monuments. The design of Museo Cappella sansevero that was built in the early 1500s is excellent in its art! Naples is a mixture of various historical times that increase up in one intense which is a fascinating point in the tourist destinations of Naples. An appetiser took at Cafe Gambrinus, the city’s oldest and most elegant cafe will almost certainly restore your faith. People in Naples almost use the Italian language. This town is a magical place where colours, flavours, culture and history are intertwined in an exciting blending of knowledge, joy and fun! City parks after sunset as they are deserted and not well illuminated. It is better to visit parks only during daylight hours, stay in groups and be on the lookout for anything suspicious-looking. Piazza del plebiscite is a semicircular shape square that exactly a resembles a royal palace. Piazza del Municipio is one of the most ancient and beautiful squares. Naples is a city in the sea, a place full of illumination yet with darkness and hidden foundations. It has a great cultural and artistic identity which is covered on the line of its many museums, castles, churches, squares, narrow streets and archaeological remains. It is a city in which culture, art and light combine with the doubtful darkness of a hidden, submerged, underground world! The entire history of Naples is based on the concept of welcoming foreigners of different cultures living side by side. The city’s attractive geographical position is half-way down the Italian coast makes it easy to reach from anywhere in the world.

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