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A modern city located in Italy with almost many attractions to spend an enjoyable vacation is Milan. A rich city with more population and has a great and vast exposure towards Italy tourist destinations.

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Brescia is a wonderful city located towards the north of Italy in Lombardy region. Brescia is the second biggest city in the north Italy. The city is majestically called as the lioness of the Italy.

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Bergamo is a famous city with beautiful nearby lakes like Como and Iseo. The town is situated in Lombardy region of Italy which is in the northeast of Milan. The city is usually considered in two parts with upper and lower city.

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Turin is an important business city and a great cultural centre located in the northern part of Italy. The rich history is represented by art galleries, churches, operas and squares of ancient and modern culture.

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Pisa is a very popular city in Italy located in Tuscany. The unique and beautiful leaning tower of Pisa is located in this city which is one of the most adventurous wonders of the world. It is the bell tower of the city Pisa’s cathedral. There are almost 20 churches and medieval places in and around the city.

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Venice is the most attractive cities in the world and the capital of Veneto is in north-eastern Italy. It is also known as the pedestrian city, is easily walkable, and the water buses and water taxis makes this a pleasant experience for visitors.

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Naples is a large city located in the south region of Italy. A famous mountain called Vesuvius and at the bay of Naples this town can be found. Great art and architectural importance can be seen in the tourist destinations of Naples.

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Florence, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and birthplace of the Renaissance, is home to masterpieces of art and architecture.

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The most attracted tourist spot in Italy found in the Lombardy region of Italy is Lake Como. The deep-blue waters on the foot hills of alps. Lake como is also known as lario in latin.

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