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A modern city located in Italy with almost many attractions to spend an enjoyable vacation is Milan. A rich city with more population and has a great and vast exposure towards Italy tourist destinations. Highly known for excellent shopping and dining places with top branded qualities. The cathedrals are very familiar in Italy for its arts and culture. Gothic Duomo di Milano church is well known and Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent denote the ancient culture of churches in Milan of Italy. Charming parks and tree lined street views are gorgeous with lovely sceneries in Milan. A wonderful town having a great community and a raise in all family to good to admire. The city is filled with many historical attractions. Milan cathedral could be one of the best to look at an example for it! The most beautiful, stylish and sophisticated city in Italy is Milan. The city has its special place and importance for fashion and design in overall Europe. The grand gothic style cathedral duomo is the hub of the city. Europe biggest trade fair shopping malls are located in Milan. Expo conducted on 2015 was wonderful and a great event with city’s big date following an excellent destiny. Milan is a paradise city for shopping and preferring sports like football. Opera and nightlife would be the best of all other enjoyment in the city of Milan. The origin of Milan city dates back to 400 B.C. Milan has always been a rich and significant city in Italy. The area has many popular artists, fascinating monuments and historic buildings. Malpensa is a big international airport and linate is the another small one from Europe and serves flight within Italy. Famous nightclubs, cinemas and cultural events are often held with ballet, concerts and theatrical events! A convenient city to go through day trips to beautiful lakes and hill towns. Milanese dishes are risotto alla Milanese and Coto Letta alla Milanese. These are nothing but a rice dish and breaded weel recipes that are extremely delicious. Milanese bars often serve snacks with your before-dinner drink (aperitive) in the evening. Milan has many fashionable restaurants serving modern Italian cuisine as well. Mandarin Oriental located in Milan lies in the heart of Italy’s most fashionable city. The hotel offers the perfect combination of comfort, stylish and luxury. The most luscious place to spend a vacation in elegant suites, innovative dining and a fantastic spa! Milan is the biggest industrial city of Italy. Tourism and fashion are much more familiar in Milan. If Rome represents the “old” Italy, Milan represents the “new” Italy. Milan is the most modern of all other Italian cities and it still keeps most of its entire past history. In autumn, the weather is warm or cool, and in later months can be quite rainy and foggy. At this time of the year, the city’s residents are very busy with work, so the only people you are likely to see wandering around are tourists! All the major venues and shops are open since it is the major working part of the year. There are a lot of things you can see in Milan starting from fine churches, ancient palaces, wonderful museums, extraordinary theatres and opera houses, cultural gems, striking buildings, glossy modern architectural works and lovely streets and squares.

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