Maggiore Lake

Orta Botanico di Brera

Maggiore Lake is a long and thin lake found in the Alps of Italy. One of the most attractive environments with rich green atmosphere entirely surrounded by mountains is the Lake Maggiore. This is the second largest in Italy. The climate in the ambience is mild in both summer winter. There are cute little islands nearby the lake. You can reach the place by boats where the islands are piedmont. Terrace gardens and aristocratic villas are much more fascinating to enjoy your vacation. Lake Maggiore stretches all the way up into Switzerland. It is renowned for being gorgeous and has attracted celebrity visitors like the great Napoleon. When visiting Stresa, don’t miss to take a trip on the Mottarone cable car which leaves from the Lido for a 20-minute ride to one of the most stunning views in Italy. At the midway stop, you can walk and roam around the Alpine gardens and look out over the three beautiful Borromean Islands of Bella, Madre and Dei Pescatori are set in the shining waters of Lake Maggiore. The best time to visit Maggiore is May or June. You will see numerous varieties of wildflowers. Cruise on the lake at the north-western extremity to Locarno for various landscapes and attractive views. If time permits visit Baveno, famous for its marble quarries. Lake Maggiore is full of great classy restaurants, often serving fresh sea foods with fish caught directly from the lake aside. Enjoy your meal with a classy bottle of regional wine, with grapes grown from the nearby vineyards. Lake Maggiore is a top destination in Italy. With many great sceneries and lots of activities, it is the perfect place for a family holiday or a romantic outing! It has everything for an active holiday to a relaxing holiday and for something in between. easyJet holidays’ flexible booking options mean you can create the perfect Italy holiday, from flights to accommodation and everything will be taken care of before you leave the country. Lake Maggiore has a variety of activities to enjoy, from arts and culture to outdoor activities and then retail therapy. There are several museums to visit, including the whimsical Umbrella museum and Hats museums as well as the Transport Museum. Or you can prefer to take a walk through the wonderful gardens, including the Villa Taranto Gardens. The lakefront setting makes it a great place to walk and there are even comfortable footpaths going up onto the hills, so you can explore other villages by foot itself. If you are keen to get out and know about the place, try the perfectly maintained Cittiglio to Laveno Mombello cycle path or visit the haunting Borromeo Castle. Some of the most interesting caves in the Strona Valley are found near the hamlet of Sambughetto, including the popular Witches’ Cave. This white marble cave is a favourite with cavers and has inspired many folk legends; it branches into pools and passages with stalagmites of sand, limestone concretions and streams. Isola Madre is the largest and perhaps most dreamy one of the three islands in the Borromean Gulf. Its palace displays collections from the historic residences of the Borromeo family contains many beautiful rooms, such as the Dolls’ Room, the Room of the Seasons and a room isolated for Puppet Theatre. The atmosphere of this lovely place is magical. Its immense garden of rare trees and exotic flowers, while peacocks and pheasants roam and budgerigars fly in freedom, has something of the fascination of a tropical land.

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