Lake Iseo

Orta Botanico di Brera

Italy is known for its lakes and the north Italian lake is the Iseo. This is the fourth largest city in the Lombardy region of Italy. The lake is almost equally divided between the Provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. There are several ancient towns around the lake, the largest being Iseo and Sarnico. A notable tourism sector has emerged. Lake Iseo is the undiscovered paradise place not to be missed while taking a journey to Italy. It is a place for travelers and tourists who are looking to get off the same boring track and delight in discovering their own special places. Lake Iseo is not well-known among the North Italian Lakes and not crowded with tourists. There are lots of culture and history oriented monasteries and old churches, Roman cities, museums and more. It is easy to get here, Milan Bergamo is just 40mins, you can drive away on the A4 motorway that runs between Milan and Venice is just 20mins away. For centuries, the rich and famous have come to their shores to rest, relax and recuperate. I started to search the internet for more information and realized there was very little available net. So I decided to create a website myself. The official sites are set up to provide information about the area and help visitors get the most out of their stay. While the floating pillars are free and open to the public, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee 24/7 access due to weather and other factors. we also encourage visitors to check the forecast, as rain and strong winds can limit access to the project. we will provide updates on the project’s social media channels! Iseo, on the south-eastern shore, is the town after which the lake is named. The footway which runs alongside the waters of the lake, you come to the old spinning mill, now a court with shops and cafés, and then on to the refurbished secondary school complex. Iseo is located in Lombardy, northern Italy, between the larger and more famous Lake Garda and Lake Como. Lake Iseo is full of fish which are served at restaurants all around its shores. It’s also a richly agricultural area, with small vineyards, allotments and olive groves stuffed with abundance. Ancient chestnut groves are found on the island’s slopes, and in the autumn we found dozens of Italians out gathering sweet chestnuts and mushrooms. The lake scenery and the large island of Monte Isola are Iseo’s prime attractions. Monte Isola (also written Montisola and Monteisola) is basically a small wooded mountain, with agricultural and fishing hamlets dotted around its shores and slopes. There are some interesting tourist attractions around or within easy reach of Lake Iseo, including some rather unusual sights. The countryside surrounding the lake is dotted with immaculate vineyards, medieval castles and monasteries.

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