Lake Garda

Orta Botanico di Brera

Italy is filled with many beautiful lakes and one of the biggest among them is Garda. Artists are grabbed to its attraction towards the lake view. The old buildings with ancient tradition and modern buildings are entirely admirable with all those luxurious facilities. A great holiday spot to adore the environment and enjoy the time in your amusing vacation time! Do not miss your valuable visit to the theme park for a challenging experience with the great wild nightlife. Garda land is the famous theme park found near Garda Lake. Many excursion tours are available within the surroundings of the lake up to the Dolomites or the smaller lakes of Tenno, Iseo and Ledro. The beautiful flower gardens around the place could be the wonderful trip when we travel along the rivers. The Garda lake has become the best place f or hangs gliding, paragliding and windsurfing, then the most interesting mountain biking! The climate around the Lake Garda is pleasant and it is really a fantastic countryside to spend your vacation. The lake has really become an international and popular holiday spot. Morainic hills have surrounded the lake and the narrow shape way of mountains give an exact Mediterranean climate. The rich environment with colourful sightseeing and flourishing atmosphere. Lake Garda is a unique spot where visitors and guests can enjoy a holiday full of relaxation, sports, fun and the thrill of discovering new places. It is always possible to go sailing on Lake Garda because of its constant winds: the Ora, which blows from south to north from late in the morning to late in the afternoon and the Pelér that blows from north to south from early in the morning to noon. The wonderful lakes around the garda lake have always admired foreign tourists till now! The large lake is long and slim, stretching from north to south. There are plenty of pleasant places to stay with attractive cities found near the Garda lake. It is really hard to choose for where to stay in lake garda with so much rich and great restaurants and hotels. Garda is the fresh water where tourists will find out many excursions and activities to get them involved in an entertaining way! The advent of cheaper flights to the many nearby airports has increased the attraction for those hailing from the north of Europe. The advent of cheaper flights to the many nearby airports has increased the attraction for those hailing from the north of Europe. One of the main resorts on the lake is Garda itself, which also lives on this main site, while Torri del Benaco is a favourite resort just up the coast. Today holidaymakers are liking waterfront cafes. The local ice cream with multicoloured

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