Orta Botanico di Brera

Brescia is a wonderful city located towards the north of Italy in Lombardy region. Brescia is the second biggest city in the north Italy. The city is majestically called as the lioness of the Italy. Pre-roman times greatly represent the city Brescia with its rich history. The extremely ancient cathedral in the city is Duomo Vecchio called La Rotonda. It is perfectly unique with its circular shape. The church belongs to the 11th century which is a very important roman building. The city is well known and famous for tourism with its historic significance. Piazza Del Foro is the most familiar square located in the heart of the town. A small airport is found that serves only budget flights. The name of the port is Aeroporto Gabriele D’Annunzio. Piazza Della Vitoria is a big square built with an expertise architect which would be a wonderful experience to have while in Brescia. The most beautiful square in the entire city is the Piazza Della Loggia and is present in the local region itself. The most needed tourist information centre is situated near by this square for your gathering of details about tourism in precious Brescia. A castle designed on roman foundations that now runs an armoury museum is the Castello found in the Brescia town. Tempio Capitalino is old Roman ruins, the last of the Roman ruins of the city’s forum. A 12th-century monument with large stone domes. The dome of Duomo is the third largest in Italy. One of the world’s top automobile races takes place in Italy every year which is popularly called Mille Miglia. The slow proceeding of automobiles extends around 1000 miles tour in the Northern part of Italy. Italian Cities like Verona, Bergamo, Milan, and Venice are connected to the city of Brescia through trains. The autobus system is available to reach destinations within the town. Exploring the glorious city through rented cars and taxis would be much better to enjoy your trip to Brescia. Garda, Iseo, Idro are the beautiful lake spots to be visited in Brescia. The mild and wise climate on the banks of Lakes Garda and Iseo is ideal for olive growing. Thus among the typical products of Lombardy is olive oil. The city is filled with a rich heritage of history and art. The well airy piazza built with the great intention of a spacy atmosphere. The attractive lanes in every tourist spots are wondered for its neatness. The fountains in front of every square are preciously designed with super arts and statues that resemble the history.

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