Orta Botanico di Brera

Bergamo is a famous city with beautiful nearby lakes like Como and Iseo. The town is situated in Lombardy region of Italy which is in the northeast of Milan. The city is usually considered in two parts with upper and lower city. Alta is the top one whereas Bassa is the bottom one connected in a funicular pattern designed along with walking trails. The upper part of the city is fully filled with historical parts where piazza Vecchia, Bergamo cathedral and Santa Maria basilica would be the best of all to visit and admire the wonderful Bergamo. Bassa, the lower city is the modern centre of Bergamo. The city is full of baroque architecture designs in buildings. Bergamo is one of the most attractive cities in Italy found near Milan. The city rapidly expanded during the 20th century. In the first decades, the municipality elevated main buildings like the new courthouse and several administrative offices in the lower part of Bergamo in order to create a new center of the city. Bergamo has a prominent place in music history. The large Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maggiore is found in this city. The city is also home to the Bergamo Lions American football team, one of the most achievable in European Football league history, winning multiple Eurobowls. Bergamo is a pretty town of some 1, 20, 000 people staying in the foothills of the Alps mountains. Widely acclaimed as a city of rare beauty, Bergamo is famous for its wealth of artistic treasures and admiring medieval atmosphere. It is a real life tale of two cities: Bassa, the busy and modern lower city and Alta, the upper city with its rich heritage of art and history! The town is not large but most of the sights can be seen comfortably on foot. To get from the Bassa up to the Alta can be quite tiring on foot, though there is the steep and winding streets, but there is also a funicular (or cable railway) linking the two parts of the Bergamo town. You can see a map of many bus routes, schedules and fares on the website of the local mass transit authority. The ticket that you purchase for the funicular is valid for 75 minutes and you can reuse the same ticket to travel on the network, including the funicular to San Vigilio. By walking from the train station to the Alta city part, the funicular station is pleasant and takes about 20 to 30 minutes. You can also walk from Alta to San Vigilio instead of taking the funicular path that will afford you great views of the surrounding areas, as well as the quaint narrow streets and houses along the way.

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